Monday, September 13, 2010

¡Bautismo de Fabian, Agustina y Milena!

Dear family and friends!

Good to hear from everyone this week! Sounds like things are going well at home with some exciting things happening and as always staying plenty busy all of you!

This week is transfers for us and Elder Alvarez and I will be together for another 6 weeks (assuming we´re not victims of another emergency transfer). Looking for another transfer with him and hopefully we will see some more success here in Wilde! Today we had transfer meeting which is always fantastic. Fun to see other missionaries and listen to the testimonies of the Elders who are going home as well as being able to listen to Pres. Stapley and his wife. This transfer my trainer Elder Spence goes home, very weird feeling when your companions start to go home! Amazing how time flies in the mission.

Last Monday we had a pretty cool experience. We had just finished shopping at Walmart :) and we were trying to figure out which bus to take to get back to our area. We stopped a bus that we knew passed through our area... but didn´t bother asking which direction it was going. Needless to say... it happened to be going the WRONG direction and we ended up at the train station in Lanús (not terribly far but we took the train to get back). However, on the bus ride... a guy came up to us and started talking to us and asking lots of questions about the church. He said he has been looking for some guidance in his life for quite a while and knows that God is the answer but that he feels that religion is something created by man and that to find the truth one would have to ask God directly. GOLDEN! He said he had never spoken to anyone from our church before and we were able to share some things with him which he found very interesting and got his address, phone number, etc. Unfortunately he doesn´t live in our area... but looking forward to hearing from the Elders what happens. Interesting that the Lord finds ways to put people in our path even when we are on the wrong bus! ;)

Wow it has been a great week here in Wilde! We have had some rain the last couple days... but luckily Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day perfect for the baptism of Fabian Agustina y Milena (Bro. y Sis y a cousin)! Very special day for all of us here! Obviously for the 3 of them, but also it was my companions first baptism in his mission! My first time baptizing as senior companion... and I was a little stressed out with organizing everything and remembering all the things we have to do. Baptism days are always hectic! Fabian y Agustina showed up late, the bishop ended up having to work so we had to call the first counselor to come and conduct the service, but everything turned out great! Probably the highlight of the whole service was being able to see Milenas dad baptize her! Their whole family has been inactive for quite a while, but the bishop felt that it was very important for the father to be able to do the baptism (in accordance with the cousel of Pres. Packer in the last conference? slips my mind at the moment) Very sweet moment to see them come out of the water together and hopefully it will be an experience that will help the whole family come back to church! Elder Alvarez baptized Fabian y Agustina asked me to baptize her! I also had my first chance to confirm both Milena and Agustina in Sacrament meeting on Sunday which was a cool experience! Always amazing to feel a little bit of the love that our Heavenly Father has for all of his children.

Hope you all have a great week!

les amo

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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