Monday, December 13, 2010

¿Winter Weather in Argentina?

Dear family and friends!

Sounds like we had a change of weather this week! You all had some warmer weather y things got COLD y rainy here the last several days! Still lacking in Christmas Spirit here in Argentina, but what can ya do? It has been a pretty busy week for us and here are a couple things that happened.

We got news from Soledad y her family that Carmen (her mother in law we gave a blessing to several weeks ago) passed away last weekend. The family was very sad, but were all grateful that she was able to recover y make the trip to Jujuy to be with her family there for the last weeks of her life here on earth y that she felt COMFORTABLE. It truly was a miracle how it all worked out. Soledads "husband" Marcos made the trip to Jujuy for the funeral of his mother y was gone for a week or so. Their 2 sons Emanuel y Lautaro are going to get baptized this Saturday y Soledad really wants to get baptized as well but needs to get married first! We had a really good lesson with Marcos y Soledad about eternal marriage. Poor Marcos had just gotten back several hours earlier from the 24 hour bus trip from Jujuy y was very tired. So we left them to talk and pray about what we talked about. Hoping to hear some positive news soon!

This week we also met an awesome guy named "Frank". He came up to us in the street as we were leaving our lunch cita carrying a big table by himself y said "Good afternoon gentleman!". Of course we were both very surprised that someone would seem so happy to see us... and also that he was talking in English! I offered to carry the table which he gratefully accepted y we had a great conversation on the way to his house. Apparently since he was a kid he LOVED listening to Frank Sinatra y gained a great love for the English language which inspired him to learn. (He speaks really well). He also has a daughter who lives in California y will be traveling to visit her in July. We were able to talk with him a little bit about the Church y he didn't seem terribly interested but thanked us for the message of love we are sharing with the world.

Some last bits of news... Our dueños (landlords?) finally called somebody to come fix the problems in our pension y they are in the process of replacing all the water lines inside. Very MESSY! But luckily they were able to leave the old ones in place for now so we arent left without water! Progress at least! About time too... I am still suffering from the same cough I have had for almost 2 months now it seems. Pretty sure its not JUST allergies. Also, still not terribly sure about what is going to happen for Christmas. I think our P day will be changed to Saturday the 25th, but I should have some time next Monday to let you know what is going on.

Hope you all have a great week!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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