Monday, January 31, 2011

La Primera Mudanza (the first move)

Dear family and friends,

Wow another week gone by, and a very BUSY one at that! The good news is that we finally got moved into a new place that has running water y a roof without holes! Unfortunately... it will only be a temporary fix. We got a call on Thursday from the Elder in charge of all the apartments y contracts, etc. who told us we would need to move out immediately because the contract expires TODAY. He told us we would need to move in with the Elders from Berazategui who live about 30 blocks away, which is nice because it is about 3 blocks from the church! But at the same time it will be tough y expensive having to take buses just to get to our area every day! We spent the rest of the weekend packing everything up, cleaning, and unfortunately wasting a lot of time WAITING for the moving truck to come. We did have some help from a couple members, but it was a lot of work and a BIG distraction from our investigators y everything. Hopefully the contract goes through for our new pension soon so we can move again and not have to worry so much about things that arent important to the work!

Things are really good in the new pension, a bit crowded, but it is nice being able to shower, wash dishes, etc. without any problems! We only set up 1 bed for lack of space y I just throw the other mattress on the ground at night and sleep on the floor. We live with 2 other Elders. Elder Jeldes from Chile y Elder Monsalva from San Luis, Argentina. Elder Jeldes goes home this transfer and Elder Monsalva is actually a new Elder who is serving here in this mission while he waits for his passport to go to the Tijuana, Mexico Mission. It is a bit of a challenge living with 4 elders in a pension... mornings are super crazy with everyone trying to get showered y ready to study y nights are crazy because we start talking y don´t get to sleep until very late. But it has overall been a good experience y I am learning a lot from all of them!

We lost a lot of working time this week, I hardly had ANY working time in my area because I had to do an "intercambio" with some Elders in my district who are having companionship issues. I spent most of Tuesday y Wednesday in "Platanos" with Elder Atwood from Idaho who also goes home this transfer. Monday we had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with a less active family in our ward who is starting to come back to church.

Things were pretty crazy from the very beginning. The 2 older kids came late because their dad forgot to pick them up from the pool so they had to walk y were a little angry about that. My comp and I had prepared a lesson about love in the home which almost back fired completely! We had them all write "nice letters" to each other, which ended up being not so nice, but they all ended up laughing about it at least... I could tell the mom was getting really frustrated because the kids and the dad were not behaving at all. Luckily I was able to relate with her a little bit and told her that I felt very at home with them because things got pretty crazy sometimes in our Family Home Evenings but the most important was that we were together as a family and that with time they would get better. We assigned the oldest son to prepare the lesson for next week (today) y we will see how it turns out! Hopefully we can help them get in the habit of doing it every week!

Anyways, sorry that is all for this week... I am getting a headache from breathing in the smoke of the guy sitting next to me.... that's 2 weeks in a row! :S Hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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