Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quedo en Santa Teresita [Staying in Santa Teresita]‏

Hello family and friends!

If you haven´t been counting weeks since my last transfer email, six more weeks have passed by and we recieved notice this last Saturday that Elder Adair and I will be staying together another transfer in Santa Teresita. For the last 2 days we have been here in San Clemente with an Elder whose comp left yesterday to go back to Buenos Aires, and for Pday today they wanted to go to Mundo Marino, so I got to see everything all over again and spent another $79 pesos. Ouch! To make things even better lunch was about $35 pesos (we ended up not even eating) and to add to it all the Orca was apparently having "Technical difficulties", so the Orca/Dolphin show was only the Dolphin show today.

Things have gotten pretty busy here this last week as far as tourists as many people are coming down here to celebrate Semana Santa. Lucky for them the weather has even been clear and sunny and a little bit cooler during the day. Apparently Semana Santa [Holy Week] is a big thing down here, the week leading up to Easter Sunday. The Catholic church is VERY dominant here and I have seen the agenda of the activities they have planned this week that look very different... Also, like in the states there is no shortage of bright colors and easter goodies and one of the biggest things here are these GIANT chocolate eggs that have toys/candy inside. (I will most likely buy one this week and send home some pictures).

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this last week. We had another baptism fall through (José). We found out he is still going to an Evangelist church which he has become attached to because he used to go their with his wife before she died. So he is not ready to give that up yet and we recognize better now that he still doesn´t have the testimony he needs to be baptized. We are continuing to work with him and help him gain/recognize/strengthen his testimony. From now on I will wait until AFTER the baptism actually happens to tell you about baptisms. This week we have been doing lots of contacts trying to find new people to teach which I am learning to enjoy more and more. We´ve had some success but there is still LOTS of work to do.

We had an interesting meeting with our Ward Mission Leader this last week and we are learning more and more every day about some of the problems that there have been in this area in the past. It´s sad to realize how many people get offended over little things enough to weaken their testimony to the point that they won´t go to church anymore. We have worked with several less active families and this last Sunday it was nice to see some of them back in church. But there are lots of hard feelings even amongst the active members that is definitely impacting the work here. I am learning a lot and trying to keep a positive attitude as we keep working with the leaders here to help out in any way we can.

That’s about it for this week... Hope you all have a great Semana Santa, Easter Weekend, Conference Weekend! (o ya... and my birthday)

Les amo,

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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