Monday, August 9, 2010

¡1 AÑO YA! [One Year Already!]

Dear family and friends,

Good to hear from you this week Mom and Kristine! Exciting news hearing about my new cousin Marissa! ... would love to see some pictures! :) I´m sure it was nice being able to get away to be able to help and spend some time with family. Tell everyone hello for me! The lightning storms also sound like fun, I saw some pretty spectacular ones in the Coast.

It´s hard to believe a year ago today we were all together preparing my stuff to leave... and on Thursday it will have been exactly 1 year from the MTC curbside drop-off! The time is truly flying and I´m trying to make the most of every minute I have left! This past week I have been able to spend some time looking over my goals and revising/setting new ones. It´s always hard to recognize the change that happens in oneself, but I can definitely say I have had experiences and learned lessons that I will treasure for the rest of my life! Hopefully between my journal and pictures I can have some good recuerdos of life in the mission. There´s certaintly nothing else like it.

This week was full of some success and some disappointments. (what week isn´t?) We lost a couple really good investigators this week, one is going back to Paraguay to take care of her sister, and another basically confessed her love for my companion and... we´ll leave it at that. On the bright side of things we found some great people this week and are having to have a schedule full of citas!

Our first Zone Meeting for this transfer on Thursday went really well and we focused on 4 principles that Pres. Stapley has promised that in turn will help us be more successful missonaries. Understanding the Doctrine of Christ (see 2 Ne. 31), Charity, Obedience, Following and working with the Holy Ghost. The focus of this week was Charity. Loving others as Christ loves them is critical for us as missionaries, but is also a commandment for all of us as members of the church. Moroni 7:43-48 teaches us some great lessons about Charity. Charity, is the greatest of all the spiritual gifts given by our Heavenly Father, and Moroni invites us to ask Him for more charity with all the energy of our souls. Our Branch Pres. in the MTC always talked to us of the importance to pray for Charity every day. There are also great blessings promised to those who develop this gift of Charity and all of us will always have space to improve.

Spent the morning doing some much needed cleaning. I think I swept up a whole kilo of dirt throughout the whole pension. It will be nice to enjoy the cleanliness for a bit, but I don´t imagine it will last too long. Highlight of today: Elder Gundestrup and I made a trip to a store called Makro in our area about 10 blocks from where we live. It´s basically just like Costco, a wholesale type store, a little smaller, with a lot less selection, and of course spanish music playing throughout the store. A member in our ward let us borrow her membership card and I found a couple "treasures" that made it worth the trip. (including 100% juice of Orange and Grapefruit, Big box of TRIX).

Anyways, looks like I´m out of time once again and my stomache is telling me I´m running a bit behind on getting some lunch. Looking forward to hearing from you all next week! Be careful and enjoy your last couple weeks of summer!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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