Monday, August 23, 2010

¡Yo amo a Wilde! [I love Wilde!]

Dear Family and Friends,

A fantastic first full week here in Wilde! The weather has been beautiful and Elder Alvarez and I have been working hard trying to find more people to teach. We have very few people that we are actually teaching, so we have been doing a lot of contacts and as of now haven’t had much success with the people actually being there when they say they will. The people we are teaching are FANTASTIC and we have had several investigators in church the last couple weeks!

I was surprised when I got to the area that most of the investigators we have here are little kids from part member families. Fabian (10) y Agustina (9) are the 2 oldest children of a less active member who the missionaries have been teaching for quite a while. Last week we passed by their house early in the morning to go with them to church which was their first time going in several years! Then yesterday I cant even explain how happy I was to see that they all showed up all on their own! :) This week we set a date with them for their baptism and they are very excited to be baptised on September 4th. (We may have to move the date to either this Saturday or September 11 because we just found out we have Stake Conference that week). We always have a fun time teaching them w/games y activities to help them understand better!

The ward here is great! Yesterday we had a Ward Conference, lots of great messages! The focus of the meeting was about having more unity, something that is a big problem in the church here and I imagine in most parts of the world. There were some great scriptures shared. The bishop shared his dream of filling the chapel and the overflow with people and testified that we can only have that kind of success if we unify ourselves as families and as a ward. A couple things I love about this ward... there are a lot of younger families, which = an awesome primary! Having a lot of youth just adds energy to the whole ward and its something a lot of wards and branches here lack! Also, we have a Ward Choir with 20 people or so that participate! Can you imagine if a 4th of the congregation participated in choir in the Timpview 6th ward? They sang at Ward Conference and actually sounded REALLY GOOD! Wish our Domingos werent so busy so we could participate!

Monday we have a family home evening with a family in our ward with several other families that come as well as any investigators we want to bring. Last week we had a great lesson given by an RM who served in Mendoza who also talked about Unity and related it to the Human body how all the parts need to work together even though some may do more than others, they are all important. We also made a big mess of the house playing with Newtonian Jelly? and finished off the night with home made empanadas! :) Looking forward to tonight!

In Pres. Stapleys emails to all the missionaries lately he has been writing a short little message. Ever since he has been here he has really been stressing the importance of "the doctrine of Christ" as taught in 2 Ne 31. Todays message was about the importance of speaking by the tongues of angels:

"The Doctrine of Christ teaches us that after baptism we can speak with the tongue of angels. I believe that missionaries have a special dispensation that requires them to speak with the tongue of angels. You may remember that Alma the younger was called to repentance by an angel?. Later in his ministry when he was rejected by the people of Ammoniah an angel appeared to him and said (see Alma Chapter 8):

Blessed art though, Alma; therefore lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivedst thy first message from him. Behold I am he that delivered it unto you.

This angel was the same angel that called Alma to repentance. He was then ever present to help Alma in his time of need. It was as though the Angel was always watching over him. If we are worthy we have angels that watch over each of us individually. Also, not only can we as missionaries speak with the tongue of angels, we can also be angels to preach to and care for those who live in our mission. I hope each of us can be diligent in fulfilling this sacred responsibility."

I hope we can all be worthy and seek for the company of angels as we strive to have more unity in our families and in the church!

les amo!
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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