Thursday, October 21, 2010

¡Me quedo en Wilde! I'm staying in Wilde

Dear family and friends,

OK so I am in a bit of a hurry as always... but as you all know today was transfer meeting so here is whats new. This transfer I will be staying in Wilde training a new missionary again! Very excited for the great opportunity. Originally Pres. Stapley called me to be a district leader as well but called me yesterday to let me know there had been a mistake and that he wouldn't need me for this transfer, but next transfer for sure. Not a big deal, actually a bit of a relief. :) Elder Hinton my MTC comp moved up this transfer as Zone Leader in Banfield... what a stud. Elder McClurg and Elder Henrie from my MTC group are also training this transfer which will be fun. Elder Alvarez was sad to leave the area, but is headed to Glew in Longchamps and will be companions with one of his buddies from the MTC. Also this transfer two of my companions went home. Elder Gonzalez y Elder Adair. I was with both of them in the Coast. Both gave great testimonies in the transfer meeting. (see fotos de la semana)

Highlight of this last week was for sure the Baptism of Sofia y Tomas this Saturday. As always, there were a couple last minute complications. The baptism was supposed to start at 4 pm, and the majority of the people didnt show up until 430. We ended up waiting an additional hour + for Tomas who was supposed to get baptised to arrive with his Dad. My comp and I were left to stall for time and we showed the Restoration video and shared our testimonies (quite a few family members, etc. came who arent members of the church). Around 6 we were told to go ahead and start with out them. About 20 min after baptizing Sofia, Tomas showed up with his dad, so we went ahead and baptized him as well. The service went really well and the kids uncle baptized both of them. Because Tomas is 8, we were able to comfirm him right there and he asked me to do it which was pretty cool. :) With all the craziness we werent able to get a lot of pictures before the baptism unfortunately... but afterwards we had some great cake and were able to take some pictures.

Anyways, thats all for this week! Hope you all enjoyed Argentine Mothers day this last Sunday! Super jealous listening to my comp talk to his family! Happy Birthday to Trevor tomorrow. Cant wait to hear from you all next week!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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