Monday, November 1, 2010

Feliz Halloween!

Dear family and friends,

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! I think it is really starting to catch on here. They sell Halloween stuff at Walmart and I actually saw several "Halloween Parties" with kids dressed up... but theres nothing like Halloween at home and "Feliz Halloween" and "dulce o truco" (trick or treat) just sound weird! We actually had a really great week here in Wilde and are having more success in finding people to teach!

Wednesday was a pretty interesting day. We had the National Census here in Argentina and we had to stay in our pension until they came around to the house where we live. I used the time to clean up the Area Book a bit and enjoyed some extra study time. They finally showed up around 4 in the afternoon so we were able to leave and make some visits. I find it AMAZING that they are able to pass by every house in one day! The majority of the afternoon was pretty unsuccessful, but we were able to pass by an old investigator (Nora) and actually find her in her house (since everyone had to stay home anyways) and had a great chat with her.

We continue to teach Luisa but she hasnt made it to church again since we went with her several weeks ago. Lessons are very difficult with her and she struggles a lot with the reading, so we are still trying to figure out the best way that we can help her. She has a lot of problems in her family and is always wanting to talk about how miserable she is in her house... but says she feels good when we are there and when she reads and prays.

This week we made several visits to an investigator who we hadnt seen in several weeks who the missionaries have been teaching forever. His name is Roberto, he is about 50 years old, is actually married to his wife and they have 8 kids! We basically started all over with him talking about the Book of Mormon and the importance of receiving an answer from God. He admitted that in all his time meeting with the missionaries he had never been really consistent in asking for an answer and commited to start reading more often with that purpose in mind. He also expressed desires for his family to be there with him but that he didnt want to FORCE them to do anything, so we asked if it would be ok if we invited them to watch a movie for our next visit, which he seemed excited about. We talked to his wife and she of course accepted. One of his sons Facundo almost always is there for the lessons as well and we are hoping to start teaching ALL of them soon! Unfortunately Roberto couldnt make it to church this weekend and he is starting up a new job, so please pray that he will still be able to meet with us during the week and not have to work on Sundays!!!

This week we also found another great father of a family of 4 named Julio who actually stopped us in the street a week ago when we were doing contacts. He told us that he has several friends who are LDS and knows quite a bit. We showed up at his house Saturday morning without having a cita... and apparently we woke him up, but he invited us in anyways and we had a great chat with him. He actually has a very nice house, car, giant plasma TV, etc., not the class of people we are used to teaching, but the lesson went really well. He alraedy had a Book of Mormon that his friend had given him and he actually had some really good questions as we were teaching. We left him with the invitation to read and pray to gain an answer if it is really the word of God and if it is something that will be a blessing to his family. I think he feels that he needs to read the whole book and asked if we could pass by again in 2 weeks, but said it would be ok if we passed by before then to check up with him how the reading was going.

Well I think that is about it for now! Hope you all have a great week and cant wait to here from you all soon! Say hola to everyone and please inform Bro. Weight that the church is still true in Buenos Aires Argentina too!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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