Monday, November 15, 2010

FW: ¡Feliz Dia de los Abuelos! [Happy Grandparents Day!]

Dear family and friends,

Another rainy Pday here in Wilde! Good to hear from all of you this week! Sounds like you are enjoying some nice wintery weather! Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Grandparents day on Sunday! I am sure I missed a fantastic primary program, we will also be having our Primary Program this coming Sunday. The ward has been great in making sure all the kids have a part... even one of our investigators children will be participating which is AWESOME! Overall we have had a very successful week!

This week we had the opportunity to do 2 "intercambios" with our leaders. On Tuesday night my companion went to Quilmes III to spend the day with our district leader, and his companion Elder Britez came to Wilde to spend the day with me! He is an awesome Elder! He is from Paraguay and has the same time in the mission as my companion. Living near the border of Paraguay and Brazil he was raised tri-lingual... Guarani, Spanish, and Portuguese. Several of the people we visited that afternoon were also from Paraguay and I felt like I was the new missionary as they talked in Guarani and I just sat with a confused smile on my face. Very happy, friendly guy and all the people we visited really liked him.

The second intercambio we did was with our zone leaders who called us Friday morning during weekly planning and asked if we could meet up in Avellaneda train station in 3 hours to change companions... Once again my companion ended up leaving to go to Avellaneda I for the day with Elder Patiño from Peru, and I stayed in Wilde with Elder Bushman from Spanish Fork, Utah! Needless to say it was a nice break to be able to speak a bit of english. :) Elder Bushman is in his last transfer and I learned a ton in our time together. In our intercambio we were able to visit Roberto and we had a great talk with him about Baptism. He knows he needs to get baptized and told us that he doesn´t want to get baptized right now just to get baptized and then go inactive later on down the road... but that he wants a little bit more time to be sure that it is what he wants to do. Good to know he takes it very seriously. We taught the importance of baptism, but that baptism was still just another step in the life long gospel path. Talking with Elder Bushman we decided he is very spiritually mature and that we could probably talk with him about eternal families/temples to have that goal set for further on down the road. His family still listens every once in a while, but I think it is going to come down to him setting the example for his family and later on he will be able to baptize the rest of them! After calling him Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to remind him about church... he finally showed up and enjoyed it a lot! He was suprised by how friendly the members were with him and he said he wished he would have shown up on time. (He came half way through second hour and stayed for Sacrament meeting as well... a blessing of having Sacrament meeting the final hour I suppose :)) He joked with us when we met him outside the door that he completed with what he said he would do in coming to the church and that NEXT WEEK he would actually go inside. His 3 year old son came with him and although he was very shy at first, by the end he made some friends and left the church saying it was the best ever!!!

We visited the family of Soledad twice this week and had some great lessons! She is reading and praying everyday and is always happy whenever we see her. She always prays to be able to keep learning more and expresses her gratitude for the happiness it has brought in her life. We set a baptism date for her and 2 of her sons for December 18, but could be delayed due to the fact that she is not married. The 2 kids have been ready to get baptized for MONTHS now and may or may not get baptized before the mom. The 3 of them made it to church this Sunday and Lautaro (9) was very excited about his part that he will get to share in the primary program on Sunday. We have had great support from the Familia Espinola who have been able to bring them to church every week and sit with them in the meetings, as well as making extra visits during the week since they are neighbors. Still looking for an opportunity to talk with Marcos, the father of the family.

Anyways, that’s all for this week! Gotta run! Hope you all have a great week! Les amo!!!

Elder Ian Wheelhouse
PS ¿Whens Thanksgivin´?

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