Tuesday, April 5, 2011

General Conference

Dear family y friends!

Very exhausting week! Hope to have some time this afternoon to take advantage and rest a bit. The weather has been very nice besides a big rainstorm yesterday morning, y we enjoyed some pretty cool lightning storms last night! Very crazy to see the snow falling in Utah at conference!

Can´t think of a better way to spend a birthday in the mission then having General Conference! Hard to believe it was my last conference here in the mission... but at the same time it was sure nice thinking I will be watching the next conference from HOME! It was fun to see the other missionaries as well as many members/investigators all in the same place! For the first time in my mission we also had permission from Pres. Stapley to go to the Priesthood Session which started at 9:00pm, on the condition that we had a member who could drive us home in their car. Staying for the priesthood session meant missing out on Birthday Cake at a members house... but it was well worth it and they ended up inviting us over LAST night instead. They also prepared some tasty empanadas and I also tried another weird food which apparently is a delicacy here... Cow tongue. I had heard about it before from other missionaries who told me that it wasn´t that bad. Apparently they boil it and serve it with a garlic sauce... and it actually was pretty tasty!

We only had 1 investigator show up to General conference which was very disappointing. It is always very sad for me to see how FEW people actually go to listen, especially after having spent the last several weeks inviting EVERYONE to go. Luckily Darío showed up for several of the sessions y seemed to enjoy it a lot! The one investigator that showed up is the grandson of the new inactive family we have been working with for the last several weeks who came with both his grandparents. It was a great opportunity to fellowship them, and luckily the members all got involved y invited them to drink mate with them and they seemed to enjoy themselves between sessions. On the way out I asked the hermana if she had enjoyed the conference y she told me they would for sure be back next Sunday to go to church! Even though it was sad not seeing more people at the conference, it sure was a great blessing y spiritual boost for all of us who WERE there to hear the inspired words of those "ministering angels".

Unfortunately I don´t have my conference notes with me to share more thoughts that stood out to me from conference. It was very interesting to me how many talks focused on the family and the importance of getting married in the temple... but maybe that just stood out to me since that will be one of the next steps I will be taking in my life in the not too far distant future! Also enjoyed the thoughts that were shared about missionary work of course! :) Great inspiring words that will help me to make these last couple months of my mission the best 4 months of my life!

Anyways, sorry this is short this week! Thank you for all the birthday greetings y as always for your prayers and support! I love you all!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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