Monday, April 25, 2011

Feliz Pascua [Happy Easter]

Dear Family y Friends,

Happy Easter! That sure came by suprise! Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend with some long waited for sunshine y springtime! Thank you to all those who wrote me for your emails y keeping me updated on whats going on at home!

Not a whole lot of news this week. We made a couple trips to Quilmes this week to go to the Sanatorio de La Trinidad... which is a very nice Clinic where my comp is having his knee looked at. This week we had a $150 doctor visit Wednesday followed by a $1200 MRI on Thursday. Should be getting the results back from the MRI this Thursday y hopefully scheduling the surgery. Wednesday before our appointment with the doctor we ate lunch at a restraunt in Quilmes the Zone Leaders told us about. Its a really tasty sandwich place called Panini and the owner is actually from New Jersey and has been living here several months (His Mom is from Argentina). It was cool talking with him a little bit in English... and I enjoyed a delicious BBQ sandwich which I havent had in a LOOONG time!

Everything at the doctor went really well, NICE building, very clean y up to date, y friendly staff. Pres. Stapley has also been very helpful y is very anxious to get everything taken care of as soon as possible. He sure loves us y takes good care of us and I am so grateful for his help and support.

Yesterday was a pretty exciting Easter Sunday. We had a lot of people show up at church which always makes me happy, including 3 investigators, y several members who havent been to church in a very long time! However, we also had several people who DIDNT show up... one of which was supposed to be giving a talk, so for the first time in my mission I got called on to give a spur of the moment talk in Sacrament meeting! It actually went really well... and couldnt have happened a more perfect day! I shared several thoughts, experiences, y scriptures about the Atonement y shared my testimony. I more than filled the 5 min they needed y turned out to be a really good experience. After Sacrament meeting I ended up having to teach the class again in Gospel Principles on The Church of Jesus Christ in the (Antiguedad?). That turned out OK, and at least we had a good turnout of people to share their thoughts.

Well that’s about it for this week! Looking forward to getting the results back from my comps MRI this week and hopefully we should have some news next week of whats going to be happening!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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