Monday, May 2, 2011

¡Feliz Dia del Trabajador! [Happy Labor Day!]

Dear Family y Friends,

Sounds like some GREAT news this week! The news about Osama bin Laden has been big here as well... still havent had any comments from anyone about it yet... so not quite sure what people think. I actually first got news on a bus ride this morning when I saw the headline on the front of a newspaper a guy was reading. Hard to believe it is still snowing in Utah. We have had some cold winter weather the last couple days here. My comp is pretty much dying from the cold because where he lives in Chile has nice summer weather all year long.

Once again not a whole lot of news this week. We went back to the doctor on Thursday to pick up the results from the MRI, but the doctor forgot to mention to us that he is only there on Tuesday y Wednesday so we werent able to talk with him. We will be headed back tomorrow to talk with the doctor and THEN we will finally know a little better what is going to happen. Kind of frustrating but my comp seems to be taking it well.

We did have a couple good things happen this week as well. Saturday night we had a great visit with Javier y his family, the family we helped build their house a couple months ago. We had stopped passing by for a while but I kept having the thought that we needed to go back. It was our first time getting into his house and actually being able to sit down and have a good chat with him. His mom y brother are both members of the church in another Stake, but he has never heard much about the church y has lots of questions/doubts from what he has heard. We had an interesting conversation about the Commandments y also the Book of Mormon. His wife y his mother in law both seemed really interested, but he was a little more doubtful, although all of them accepted the invitation to read y pray. More than anything he has doubts about committing to keep certain commandments because he believes God wouldnt put so many restrictions on us. Luckily it is a pretty easy doubt to work with y he is willing to listen y teachable at least. We will keep working with him y his family for sure.

Yesterday we also had some good stuff happen at church! It was a very cold rainy morning y there was hardly anyone at church when we showed up, except for Delio, one of our investigators who showed up all on his own even though his family (who are members) didnt want to come. I sat with him and as the meeting started more and more people started to show up.

The other miracle was when the Familia Silva showed up... The mother y her daughters walked in first, who usually always come to church. A couple seconds later 2 of her older sons walked in with their friend Richard who is visiting from Paraguay (they have been inactive for a long time but have come to church several times in the last several weeks.) Then finally Miriam, the oldest daughter showed up all on her own with her baby son. We even got the sons to stay the whole 3 hours with us! In Elders Quorum we even commited them to leave with us to do some home teaching visits to some inactive members they know. Richard has been a HUGE help as well. He is preparing his papers to go on a mission, y is a GREAT example for the whole family!

Last night we visited Delio y Noemi and watched the Joseph Smith movie. We also invited one of her brothers to watch with us, who is a member, but inactive y has been going to the Universal Church for several years. We all shared our thoughts y testimonies after the movie y her brother accepted the invitation to say the closing prayer. Nice to see a LITTLE bit of progress with him at least since the last time we talked he rejected a copy of the Book of Mormon that I offered him.

Well Family, thats all for this week! Hope you all have a great week. The Spring Weather should be on its way soon since we are just barely starting to get the Winter Weather here!

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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