Monday, May 23, 2011

Transfer Time Again... mí último cambio!

Dear family and friends,

Today is transfer day... but as for now I still don´t have my new companion or even know who he is. What I do know is that I will be staying in El Cruce y training a new missionary! There is a new rule in the mission that says that trainers HAVE TO stay with their trainees for 12 weeks, so he will be my LAST companion y El Cruce will be my LAST area. I am very happy y excited to train and hope to have the 2 BEST transfers of my whole mission and that it will be a great first experience for my companion as well. I love the ward I am in and I am perfectly content knowing that I don´t have to worry about any more CHANGES!

Very exhausting week. Wednesday morning we had a district service project in my area. Oscar y his wife asked us to help them carry several chapas (generally means "sheet metal" but in this case it was chapas of Cement Fiber that they use as a roofing material - see picture 811) to their house from a lot in front of their house. What they DIDN´T tell us before hand was that we would first have to take them down from the roof.... not an easy task. We ended up figuring out a way to do it but it was really hard considering how BIG y HEAVY each chapa was. 8m x 1m (aprox. 25 ft x 3 ft). We were only able to take down 4 or 5 chapas in the 2 hours we had to work leaving 5 or 6 chapas left. Of course we didnt want to leave the work undone... but I felt that we had done what we could and that it was too dangerous to keep going. The hermana told us she felt the same, although Oscar was a little upset that we didn´t finish, but they thanked us for the work y luckily no one got hurt!

Thursday y Friday we had another LONG leadership meeting in Adrogue. Elder Andros (Virginia) y Elder Ayala (Chile) came and stayed in my area while our companions all stayed in Platanos for the 2 days. We had to leave around 8 in the morning to get their on time and got back to El Cruce at around 8 at night... very looong days. The meetings were great, always great being taught by Pres. Stapley y the Assistants y always fun seeing all my buddies in the mission. (I saw everyone but Elder Holladay from my MTC District)

Yesterday went great in church as well. We had the familia Barrios in church again (less active family) as well as 2 investigators. One of the investigators, Pablo, is the boyfriend of a member y he stayed for all 3 meetings for the first time y really seemed to like it! We had a lesson on Baptism in Gospel Principles that got kind of out of control with a question about baptizing babies y I was freaking out because Pablo is Catholic... but it ended up getting resolved y he didn´t seem to be offended. After Priesthood meeting I talked with him a bit and asked how he liked it and he said he loved it and that he felt a bit overwhelmed and that he will have to keep coming to learn more. I gave him a Book of Mormon y he is excited to start reading and we set up an appointment for this weekend to talk to him again. There were some great talks in Sacrament meeting... the Sumo Consejero of our ward spoke y he talked about how we need to see ourselves as "the first domino"... and that we need to be constant examples because if we fall we never know how many other people that fall could effect. It was a comment mostly directed towards those that go inactive but I felt it could apply to many other situations as well!

Anyways, thats all for this week. Off to the pension to clean things up a bit for my new companion y hopefully rest a bit! (By the way I am spending the day with Elder Ayala again who is also training... a total of 6 misisonaries in the zone training this transfer out of the 10 companionships... it will be good to have some NEW BLOOD! :P)

les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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