Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello family and friends!

Wow so much has happened in the last 2 weeks or so and I feel very behind! = I hope you all had a happy New Years and a happy birthday Mom! ...and to answer your questions, Elder Spence is still in Fiorito with his 3rd companion in the area, this will be his 5th transfer there.

Here in Santa Teresita I was surprised to find out that we don’t really have any investigators that are progressing very well, so we’ve got lots of work to do! It is a big area (Mar de Ajo is part of our area as well) but luckily we have bikes.... bikes that work great on concrete! Here in Santa Teresita almost all the streets are sand, which makes it very difficult to get around at times, but I’m getting a lot of very good excercise!

Our pension in Santa Teresita is a lot nicer than the one in Fiorito. If you want to look it up on Google earth it is on Calle 4 between Calles 43 y 44 (Directions are very easy here because all the streets are numbered!) We aren’t allowed to go within 3 blocks of the beach unless we have an appointment with someone because apparently people prefer to walk around without clothes in this area sometimes.

Elder Gonzales is a hard worker and I am learning a lot from him (especially Spanish!) Sometimes it is difficult to understand everything he is saying and to be able to respond with what I want to say, but we get along pretty well! He wants to learn english so he can be a translator for General Conference someday, so I am trying to help him out with learning some english when we are in the pension. At least 3 times a day he asks me if we can listen to music on my picture frame. I am getting a lot more practice with Elder Gonzales teaching during lessons and doing contacts, hopefully it will continue to get easier and easier to do.

The weather is PERFECT here. The sun is always shining and even though it gets a little hot and humid sometimes there is always a nice ocean breeze! There are some great members in the branch here and we have an awesome mission leader. This last Sunday I got to bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting as a "welcome to the ward" and also played the piano in Priesthood meeting. The Church was very full because apparently there are a lot of members that are here for vacation.

Recently in my Personal Study I have started reading the New Testament and I’m in the book of Luke right now. It’s amazing to read the accounts of the life of our Savior and the amazing things he did and the example he set for each one of us! Every day I find things that I can improve in my own life to become more like him.

Thank you for your letters and support and I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Les Quiero Mucho!

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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