Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hola from Santa Teresita!

Hello family and friends!

Sorry I wasn´t able to write yesterday, and today I really don’t have any time. I just wanted to let you know about some changes. I had my first transfer yesterday and I am now in the area that every missionary in the mission dreams of going to... the COAST! I had an "Other Side of Heaven" experience getting down here because I had to go catch a bus on my own to get down here. Luckily my zone leader and his companion as well as my new companion were there at the bus station waiting for me when I arrived after the 6 hour trip. My new companion Elder Gonzales is from Peru and I am very excited to get to know him better and learn from him. Our pension is about 4 blocks from the beach... I haven’t really seen much of our area yet, but what I have seen it is Beautiful! Very different from Fiorito! It was sad leaving behind all the people in Fiorito but we got to pass by and say goodbye to most of them and exchange contact information etc. Anyways, that’s all I have time for for now so until next week!


Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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