Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello family and friends!

Another week of nicer weather, but right now it´s a bit overcast. I imagine you all are enjoying some nice warmer weather by now, wow I can´t believe it´s May! As far as calling home for Mothers day I think I will most likely be calling home Saturday night around 7 or 8 our time. Hope that works for you! If we´re lucky I might even have some Transfer news for you since transfers are next week!

We had our zone activity today here in Pinamar. Had to wake up at 530 this morning to take a 2 hour bus ride to get here. Had a fantastic barbeque and we´ve been playing frisbee/volleyball on the beach all day. Very nice city, actually a lot like the US, there´s even a mcdonalds (I think its the only one in our Zone). Once again I managed to injure my foot just in time for beach day. This time I stepped on a glass bottle that I didn´t see walking on the way to the church and it went right through my flip flop. Luckily nothing too serious and once I got the piece of glass out of my foot it didn´t hurt at all!

This week we did a lot of contacts as we still don´t have many people we are teaching. There were actually quite a bit of people here during the weekend because Saturday was a holiday Dia de trabajadores (Labor day?) Lots of people were home partying with their families... and basically none of them wanted to talk to us. :( We did have some success Sunday night doing divisions when my companion went with an Hermano in our ward and found a family of 3. I went with another Hermano in our ward to visit some investigators we have in Las Toninas (José and Cristina) and it was nice "being in control" of the lesson. We watched a video about Pres. Monson and talked about the importance of prophets. They are members of the Universal Church, the husband is very receptive and the wife is a little harder, but they are great people and seem to be progressing really well.

Enjoyed a great Fast Sunday yesterday. Almost everyone in the branch gets up to bear their testimony, it´s GREAT! We didn´t have any investigators in church again this Sunday. José had to go to Buenos Aires for ANOTHER doctors visit this weekend, so we got to enjoy going to Sunday school again and learning about the Old Testament! In Priesthood we had a great lesson about Family Home Evening which made me think about how lucky I am to come from a family where we had FHE every week. I never really had a great attitude about it then, but looking back now I have realized what a blessing it was and how important it is to have that time together as a family.

Anyways, that´s all for this week.

¡Les amo!

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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