Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm staying in Santa Teresita as a trainer, Ay yi yi!

Me quedo en Santa Teresita... ¡Entrenando! Ay ay ay

Dear family and friends,

Hope you all had a great week, and a happy mother´s day! It was great hearing your voices, being able to talk for a bit, and hear how you all are doing! I enjoyed seeing Becca´s painting, honestly it blew me away and I had to show my "companion" who couldn´t believe it either! She definitely has a talent for art! Keep it up!
I´m feeling a bit under pressure right now recieving the transfer call this weekend that I would be staying here in Santa Teresita and training a new missionary. To add to that, this is what Pres. Asay had to say...

"This is an incredibly important time for the branch. The branch president is at the point of asking to be released, in fact has asked. That is totally confidential, so don't tell anyone, although many probably know. But you can do a lot to keep him going. And to make him feel loved. The Lord is not going to let that branch fail, but it is going to pass through some trials, so I expect to see tremendous results from you and your new companion."

I had heard several things about possibly seeing some changes in the branch presidency here, to add to that we had the whole District Presidency in our Church meetings this weekend. Our branch president, Pres. Monsalves, is a great man and from what I have seen has gone through a lot in this branch, including recently having a big fight with his father in law (our ex-ward mission leader). Having only been a member for less than 5 years, it´s really a testimony of how the Lord strengthens those he calls beyond their own abilities. I will try to make a special effort to look for any thing my companion and I can do to strengthen and support him. I´m excited and nervous for this opportunity to train, I feel like I will be learning a LOT more than I´ll be able to teach. Sitting in Sacrament meeting I had lots of ideas come to mind to help in the work which was very comforting, and hopefully this "vision of success" can become a reality through faith and diligent work. I had the words of the Primary song "if the Savior stood beside me" going through my mind and I think I will make that my new missionary motto which goes along with my mission scripture perfectly! Now more than ever I can recognize my reliance on Him and I know that the Lord will always keep his promises.

Today I am staying in San Clemente yet again with Elder Ponce waiting to take the 5 hour bus ride to the mission home to recieve my new companion when he comes tomorrow. All the trainers will have a meeting with President Asay that morning (hopefully that will resolve some of my concerns/worries) then we eat lunch with all the new missionaries followed by a meeting where President announces the asignaciones. I am also very excited to see one of my brothers from the MTC Elder McClurg who is coming down to Argentina this transfer after having spent 6 months serving in the Provo Utah mission due to health problems! I may possibly have the opportunity to write home again Wednesday with my new companion to tell you who he is, or if not, next Monday for sure.

This last week was a tough one and we didn´t get a lot of the things that I would have liked to do done. :S To add to that I think Elder Adair was pretty bitter after we recieved the transfer call because the last 2 transfers he has been pretty preoccupied with why he hasn´t trained or been a district leader when he has 18+ months in the mission. He hardly talked to me Saturday night and Sunday as he was packing his stuff, which was pretty sad. He is a great missionary and I have learned a lot from him in the time we had together. I wrote him a short note but of course blew it and forgot to give it to him before he got on the bus (funny, same thing happened when I got dropped of at the MTC), so I´ll have to put it in the mail when I go to the offices tomorrow. I hope he doesn´t get too discouraged and "trunky" and finishes his mission doing what he´s supposed to do.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! I always look forward to hearing how you are doing. Anyways, Hasta Luego!

¡Les amo!
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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