Monday, May 24, 2010

Queridos amigos,

Sounds like you all had an exciting week with school wrapping up and getting all ready for the adventures of summer. This last week it has been overcast every single day looking like it was going to rain. The rain FINALLY hit last night and I imagine it will continue throughout the day today. I almost feel bad for all the tourists who came to the coast to enjoy the long holiday weekend for 25 de Mayo. Still nothing like it was in the summer but it has been different seeing so many people in the streets! One of Pres. Asay´s counselors came down with his family from la Plata and their family of 8 in church made up about 25% of the congregation.

We definitely had a better week this week even with losing almost a whole day due to a District Meeting in Dolores. In addition to having to leave at 6 in the morning to get there on time... In the afternoon our district leader was told that we had a bus that left the terminal in Dolores at 245 to make the 2 hour trip back to our area, so after finishing up our meeting everyone wanted to play futbol to pass the time before the bus came. When we got to the terminal at 215-230 we found out that the 2:45 bus didn't exist but that there was one that left at 200 that we had just missed. The next bus didn't come until 530 so we ended up sitting around in the terminal for a couple hours and talked to some people. We missed 2 citas that we had planned, but were at least able to save the rest of our night when we got back to our area at 730.

We made a special effort this week to talk to everyone and probably the best contacts we had were those we stopped in the street. Unfortunately the majority of the people we had set citas with weren't home... in total we had 12 citas that blew us off this week which was a little discouraging. We are working hard to have 3 people prepared for a "Sabado Blanco" coming up June 12 where 2 other areas in our zone are going to bring all their baptisms to our church and we are going to have a big baptismal service. We are already to crunch time as our only hope of having baptisms for this date are: José, who we haven´t been able to find at his house for the last 2 weeks, and any investigators we have right now or find during this week who will have to be in church the next two Sundays in addition to receiving all the lessons/keeping commitments. We are teaching some great people and have had some success finding some old investigators (including Julio y Carolina). We have been teaching a great couple named Ramon y Rosa the last week or so. We actually found him doing contacts while waiting for a bus and the first time we went to his house for a cita they were there waiting and invited us in. They have a 33 year old son who is handicap which I think has really humbled them, and they have been keeping all their commitments - reading/praying... we have yet to see them in church however. They have really gained a strong testimony of prayer and I honestly think that is their favorite part of the lesson each time we go over there.
It´s really a blessing for me being able to work with Elder McClurg. We are both learning and growing a lot, ad hopefully some of the ideas we have come up with will help this area continue to progress. He is a great teacher and I am learning a lot from him.

Hope you all have a great week! Congratulations all you graduates!

Les amo,

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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