Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain rain go away!

Hello Family and Friends!

Sounds like we have had some similar weather this week! We´ve had a lot of rain these last several days but somehow i´ve managed to keep at least one of my pairs of dress shoes nice and dry thank goodness. I figure I´m a bit overdue for the colder weather and it was nice enjoying 2 summers in a row. (Elder McClurg has had 2 winters in a row, poor guy) Luckily I´ve got some good gear and when I´m all bundled up I stay good and warm. :) With transfers coming up this weekend, this could be my last week writing to you from the Coast!

This week we had to make yet ANOTHER trip to capital. Luckily we got to make the trip up there in a car with Elder y Hna Fitch who came down to the coast this week to inspect all the pensions. Mom you would be very proud, they even said we had the cleanest one! It was fun getting to know them and they even took us out for McDonalds, which after 6 months of not having any, tasted REALLY GOOD. They had some great stories and have a strong testimony of the importance of doing what you know is right even when you may not want to do it. They have a great missionary family, both of them having served missions in addition to this one, and 7 kids, 6 of which served missions. All 7 have been married in the temple and they are excited to be going home this next week with Pres. y Hna. Asay to be with their families again. That night we ended up staying with a couple of the office elders again and worked with them in their area for a bit. After we had a little pizza party before going to bed.

The next day we woke up bright and early to make the trip to capital so Elder McClurg could get finger printed again. There is a member who lives close to the offices that the mission always calls to run the missionaries around whenever we need to go to downtown (the driving here is INSANE). We went to the Church Offices of all of South America I think which is in Palermo (Very nice part of capital). We met some awesome Senior Couples, one of which teaches piano for their mission. We also found out that Elder Neil A Andersen happened to be there that same day, but we never did see him. We also had the lovely experience of going to an Argentine jail in downtown Buenos Aires where we had his fingerprints done. Definitely not a place I would ever like to visit again, but the officer who helped us was very friendly. One building we went to our Taxi driver parked his car in the far right lane of the street with his emergency flashers on because there was no where to park. He told me to sit in the drivers seat while they ran inside and told me if the police came to just say "ya me voy" and nothing else. Luckily the police never came!

Even with the rain and losing a lot of working time due to travel we had a pretty good week. The families we are teaching are continuing to progress but unfortunately still haven´t made it to church. Church this week was great. We had 2 great talks in sacrament meeting, one about controlling our Anger and the other about Fasting and Prayer. We hope to see some of our investigators in church next week for what could be my last Sunday here! Also we have the assignment to speak next week for Fathers Day. I´m assuming it´s Father´s day there as well? If it is, hope you all have a Happy Fathers Day!

¡Les amo!

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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