Monday, June 7, 2010

We're in the Capital!

Hello family and friends!

It´s fun to hear of all the exciting things going on back home! Sounds like everyone is keeping super busy and already getting started on the activities of summer. Always enjoy hearing from you all!

After a 5 hour micro ride yesterday right after church, Elder McClurg and I are here at the mission offices in Adrogue for the day. Being new in the country Elder McClurg had to go do some documents this morning, but it turns out that his fingerprint sheet "expired". So once again, $320 pesos and 10 hours of total travel time later... we have officially wasted another trip to the immigration offices. At least I got to enjoy seeing some Elders from my MTC group that I haven´t seen in a while. 2 hours of our ride down here were spent suffering through the featured movie, "Pan y Tulipanes", an Italian film with Spanish Subtitles. It was kind of cool being able to understand certain words and phrases that are the same in Italian.

This week there wasn´t much that really happened that´s worth talking about. We had district meeting in Dolores again this week, so we spent 4 hours on a bus traveling to and from that. The focus this week was using the Book of Mormon to do contacts. It is definitely something I want to improve on to use in the rest of my mission. It is definitely one of the most powerful tools we have and we definitely aren´t using it to it´s full capacity. Every person we talk to has some need or question that has an answer in the book. It makes contacts a lot more interesting trying to identify and answer the questions that people have.

Following District Meeting we did intercambios (exchanges) with the Elders from San Clemente and I got to spend the day working with Elder Hendricks (also from Orem Utah, went to MV). He is new to the area and has 1 transfer less than I do, but I learned a lot from the time we got to work together and we had a fun time talking.
We had some great success this week with our teaching and were able to teach more lessons than any other week from the last 2 transfers. Also this week we found a couple new investigators, both 20-30 year old guys from Paraguay. One of them is a nephew of a member family in our ward and we were really excited to start teaching him because we were SURE that it would be super easy to get him to church and he seemed really excited about the Book of Mormon. 3 days after finding him we found out he is already headed back to Buenos Aires to live with some friends.

We also have some investigators who are progressing really well and making good progress in the Book of Mormon! A lady we are teaching named Rosana was reading the testimony of Joseph Smith at the beginning of the book. She was really excited about the story of Angel Moroni appearing to him and she kept telling us that she feels really good whenever she reads. Another hombre we are teaching named Adrian is cruising through the book and is already in 1 Ne 11 after a week of reading and loved the story of Nephi and Laban as well as Lehi´s vision of the Tree of Life. I love the Book of Mormon and it is so awesome to see others recognize how great it is too.

Unfortunately it was another week without investigators in church. Ramon y Rosa were planning to be there but had unexpected problems with their car again. Also Jose has disappeared again, so as far as baptism prospects for this transfer... it´s not looking to great. We are seeing a lot of progress in the work and we will see some more success as we continue to work hard. I am hoping for another transfer in Santa Teresita to see some of the families we are working with get baptized in the not to far distant future.

Anyways, that´s my week! Say hello to everyone back home for me.

Les amo

Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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