Monday, July 12, 2010

¡11 meces en las misión!

Hello family and friends,

Another cold week here in Argentina with several small (thankfully) rain storms. We are thinking of moving our study desk into our bedroom because it is the only warm room in our pension and the rest of the rooms are somehow colder than it is outside. Still haven´t brought myself to buy gloves, a beanie, or a scarf... because it still hasn´t gotten "that cold". I suppose I am better off being prepared than finding myself without when that day comes.

This week we actually had a service activity... it´s been way too long! I always try to offer to help with stuff but usually people just turn it down. We didn´t have a lot of time to help (a little over an hour before lunch) but we were able to get quite a bit done helping them get a couple rooms in their house ready to paint. All that experience from working at home helped pay off and it felt good that I actually knew what I was doing!

This Sunday Norma came to church again (the one that came with her friend last week). She was actually a little angry because we didn´t show up for our cita... but here is what happened. She lives in an apartment building in our area on the 8th floor. Apartment buildings here are always locked, so you have to ring a bell/intercom thing at the building entrance to have them unlock the door for you. We showed up to the cita on time and with a member y rang the bell several times with no answer. We even went by her friends house to get her phone number but she wasn´t home either. So we ended up just going on with our day assuming that she wasn´t home and forgot about our cita. Luckily she was understanding and so we got her phone number and hopefully we won´t have the same problem again!

This week was also Independence Day here... but I was suprised they didn´t really do anything to celebrate. Just another day to get off work and relax and drink mate. Luckily the World Cup is now officially over so the work should pick up a bit this week! ¡Aguante España! The people here seem pretty content that at least a spanish speaking country won. Also everyone was impressed by "el pulpo" in Germany that guessed so many games right. (I dont know if you´ve heard much about that in the states but it´s BIG NEWS here)

Anyways, short email this week but it was good to hear from all of you and looking forward to hearing from you again next week! Should have some news about our new mission president and I´m looking forward to meeting him tomorrow at Zone Conference!

¡Les amo!
Elder Wheelhouse

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