Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey family and friends. I am alive and doing well. We just had a crazy day yesterday and weren't able to make it to do internet before it was time to go out to work, so i have just a minute right now to let you all know nothing happened! I love my new area! It is a mix of really rich and really poor areas, but the people are super friendly and its nice having lunch citas every day! And no we weren't really dying of hunger in my last area, Elder McClurg is just getting used to the new meal schedule of eating a somewhat big lunch and then not having dinner... after being accustomed to having food whenever he wanted in the Provo mission. Everyone goes through it, just a little bit bigger adjustment for him. My new companion is awesome! We are having fun in our pension of 4 elders. The other companionship is a brand new elder and his companion is a district leader in our zone. Our pension is HUGE and very dirty (We will see what i can do about that) and luckily our bedroom is the warmest room in the whole place. :) The rest of the pension is very cold, usually colder than it is outside... The last 2 days we have had activities in Lanus, and on the bus ride there we pass through Fiorito, so it was pretty crazy passing by all the places where I used to work! Looking forward to doing intercambios with my district leader in that area and being able to pass by some of those families now that I can actually talk to them. :) Anyways, I was really hoping to write more and to send some pictures home this week but I guess it will have to wait again. I love you all!

Les amo
Elder Ian Wheelhouse

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